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Statins Articles

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Study Reveals Statins Not Very Effective or Safe

18 Mar 2015 | 48,273 Views

Statistical deception has been used to amplify the purported benefits of statins while their risks have also been downplayed, new research reveals.

New Cholesterol Treatment Guidelines Could Double the Number of People on Dangerous Statins—Including Perfectly Healthy People

27 Nov 2013 | 208,246 Views

Over 900 studies prove their adverse effects, including an increased cancer risk. With 1 in 4 Americans over 45 already taking them, these drugs companies want TWICE as many people on them. And they've devised a crafty way to get your doctor to help them do it...

The Ugly Side of Statins: Systemic Appraisal of the Contemporary Unknown Unknowns

09 Oct 2013 | 131,064 Views

Are you taking a statin? Then this is a must-read, as a review of the major statin research casts serious doubts about their efficacy and safety, especially for your eyes.

Statin Nation: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up

11 May 2013 | 448,217 Views

When your blood vessels become damaged, they can narrow. Blood and oxygen no longer flow freely to your heart, putting you at risk of the #1 cause of death: heart disease. Now there's proof that this everyday food is a primary culprit...

Side Effects of Statins

17 Apr 2013 | 205,291 Views

New research reveals a staggering number of patients quit taking statin cholesterol-lowering drugs due to the side effects they cause.

TV Ads for Statins Drive Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment According to Study

20 Mar 2013 | 171,779 Views

The US is one of only two countries in the world that allows this... And a new study shows this devious scheme can lead to potentially lethal consequences, including a higher risk of cancer, diabetes, and birth defects. Worse, look who's profiting nicely, and who's paying the steep bill...

Is it True that Eggs are as Bad for Your Arteries as Smoking?

27 Aug 2012 | 356,597 Views

Recently, news headlines were ablaze with startling information that eggs are approximately two-thirds as bad as smoking with regard to arterial plaque formation. Were they correct? Or was there a hidden agenda behind their findings? You be the judge...

This Common Medical Mistake Speeds Your Aging and Chills Your Sex Drive

11 Feb 2012 | 103,800 Views

Has your doctor told you about this? Most don't even know. As if that isn't enough, it's also linked to heart failure, diabetes, major birth defects, mental decline, and more. So if you want to SLOW aging and ENJOY sex - avoid this mistake made by 25% of those over 45. Here's how.

Why is Massive Conflict of Interest Allowed in Government Health Recommendations?

21 Jan 2012 | 35,022 Views

You need unbiased advice when it comes to making decisions about your health... so why are so many government health recommendations the result of extreme corporate bias?

Alarming New "Flu" Treatment -- A Serious Health Mistake in the Making

12 Jan 2012 | 66,675 Views

Based on this study you could be making a grave health mistake. They should have compared it to a placebo... Now they're touting this as the answer to the flu - when in fact, it's anything but... Please, don't risk your life with this until you know these facts...


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