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How Statins, Pesticides and Wireless Radiation Affect Your Heart Health

28 Jan 2018 | 201,420 Views

Even if your doctor advises it, odds are more than 100 to 1 that you don't need it. It can also turn your muscles to mush and shut down your DNA repair forces. Don't be duped just because it's popular or your doctor peddles it. The price of compliance is too steep.

Experts Warn Statin Drug Trend Puts Lives at Risk

09 Aug 2017 | 71,965 Views

The number suffering from heart disease and stroke continues to rise. Although experts warn you must remain on statin medications to protect from heart disease, they downplay a long list of side effects and overplay the statistical effectiveness supporting the drug.

How Statins Degenerate Your Brain Health

27 Jul 2016 | 198,946 Views

Statin medications have a long list of side effects, including neuromuscular damage. If you feel you must take statins, there is one supplement you need in order to reduce your potential for heart attack and neuron degeneration.

2015 Dietary Guidelines Include Healthy Revisions, but Still Falls Short for Effective Prevention of Heart Disease

10 Feb 2016 | 251,102 Views

After being an innocent victim cast into jail for over 40 years, finally the science has been addressed - and the new limits could save tens of thousands of lives, including yours.

5 Great Reasons Why You Should Not Take Statins

10 Feb 2016 | 1,313,262 Views

Statins are one of the most widely prescribed drugs, but before you consider taking them to lower your cholesterol, get your facts straight. For most people, there are many reasons to reconsider statin therapy, and the risks often outweigh the benefits.

New Recommendation for Adults Turning 40: Preventive Statin Use

06 Jan 2016 | 52,847 Views

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) may soon be advising the use of statin cholesterol-lowering drugs for people without heart disease — starting at age 40. Take this advice with a grain of salt, especially in light of new research linking the drugs to premature aging.

Statin Nation II: What Really Causes Heart Disease?

21 Nov 2015 | 299,166 Views

Your doctor may not tell you about this, but you need to know. The traditional ways you're being told to safeguard yourself against heart disease are just flat out wrong and dangerous for your health in at least 8 different ways, and these findings prove it.

Statins' Flawed Studies and False Advertising

26 Aug 2015 | 65,936 Views

The effectiveness of statin drugs have been greatly hyped while their side effects significantly downplayed by a serious of flawed studies. This is crucial information to know before considering a statin drug to lower your cholesterol levels or "prevent" heart disease.

Statin Use Inhibits Vitamin K2

03 Jun 2015 | 93,254 Views

If you're taking a statin drug, be sure you're aware of these brand-new research findings. Statins inhibit your body's synthesis of vitamin K2, along with your production of CoQ10, which could put your heart health and more at risk.

Study Reveals Statins Not Very Effective or Safe

18 Mar 2015 | 198,380 Views

Statistical deception has been used to amplify the purported benefits of statins while their risks have also been downplayed, new research reveals.